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Welcome to my new blog.

I've been busy creating my new website to put my Art, Qigong Sessions & Blog all in one home. I have created a Mandala Coloring Page to share with you.  Peacock Feather Mandala Coloring Page It is for renewal, wisdom & protection and represents accomplishment & (more…)

I ♥ Kid President

I Love Kid President.  Here is my favorite Pep Talk. Each of his YouTube Videos makes me smile and want to watch more. Kid President inspired me to doodle this for a Blick Art Materials Tangle Art Challenge. This was created using Micron & Tombow Pens on Bristol. (more…)

Mandala for a Good Night’s Sleep

I love creating Mandalas.  They are so powerful for healing, meditation, and peacefulness.  This Mandala is made with the intention of helping one sleep.  On Monday, September 16th, 2013, the theme for the Wellness Group is Qigong for a good night's sleep.   (more…)

Soothing Blues of Summer

I was asked to be a guest blogger at Artistcellarrecently and was given 2 stencils to use to create some art.  The 2 Artistcellar Stencils I played with are Reims in the Cathedral series and Ripples in the Water series.  I want to show you a couple of different ways (more…)

Happy Summer

I love summer, beaches, warmth, and painting mandalas.  The best way to celebrate summer is to add some designs to beautiful rocks.  These rocks were found in Minnesota at Wacouta beach, Lake Pepin and the North Shore on Lake Superior.  Each one is painted with (more…)

Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper

Happy Easter Everyone!  I'm exploring once again some new art materials. These are created using alcohol inks on Yupo Paper. It is fun to see the imagery you can create because you have no control over what the inks want to do.  It is amazing what can be created using only (more…)

Almond Muffins

I have created a fun piece of art to bring everyone some brightness & to cheer up my kitchen.  This is part of the "When Artists Cook" Series.  I have had an interesting couple of months around my food intake causing me to be even more creative in the kitchen with (more…)

Cheery Flowers on Yupo Paper

11x14, Watercolor & Ink on Yupo Paper (c) 2013 Colleayn Klaibourne I created this piece of art to bring cheeriness to a long Minnesota winter.  You have probably noticed that each blog has a very different look to my art.  It has been suggested to me that I have one "style" so people would kno

Jackie Frost Visits

Brrrrrrr... it's cold outside in Minnesota! I awoke to -14ºF with -40ºF windchill.   I'm not a winter person, at all, but it was fun to see all the beautiful drawings Jackie drew on the windows.  I am taking a "Joynal" class with Jane Davenport, and in this week's class we are drawing naughty Pi