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Lotus Flowers, Oil Painting

“Lotus Flowers” (c) 2005
Oil on canvas, 36″x48″
(c) All Rights Reserved
This is a painting that was commissioned by Master Chunyi Lin for the Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center in Minnesota. I felt honoured to create such a beautiful piece of art. This is the largest painting I have ever painted, and now that I have worked on such a large scale, it is hard to go back and paint as I used to (quite small).
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"Birds Eye View", Acrylic

“Birds Eye View” (c) 2005
Acrylic on Panel, 14″ x 18″
All Rights Reserved
This painting was created for a Garden Walk in Minnesota. I was chosen to paint in Jackie Rhein’s amazing gardens. Several artists were chosen to paint in a different garden for the day, and each piece of art was auctioned off to help a local group. It was unbearably hot & humid with temperatures over 100 degrees, but it was fun to spend the day in a garden, listening to an orchestra and painting.
Greeting Cards Available
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RW Flower Baskets with watercolor pm
Welcome to my new blogspot. This blog is a way for me to share my adventures in Art, Stitching, how to deal with food intolerances, Qigong, etc. This is also a very nice way for me to post recent pieces of art, since I haven’t been able to offer updates on my website. I will regularly be posting new creations on my blog, and to start off, I’ll post several pieces that I have recently completed. To see more of my art, please visit Enjoy!

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