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Angel of Goodness & Love

Angel with watermark pm
(c) 2012 Colleayn T. Klaibourne
I love Angels!  My goal this year was to get back into drawing & painting.  I think my Angels were very helpful in creating the space, time and motivation to create Art again.  With some life changes and some tweeking of my work, daily schedule, and studio arrangement, I found a way to do so.  Little did I know that I would be led to start drawing them.  I see Angels all around people when I do my healing work. I wish I could take a photo of them so my clients could see them as well.  I am learning how to draw faces so I can draw what I see in my intuitive minds eye.  My Angels are listening but instead of having a photograph magically appear, they are steering me to learn how to paint them myself. I am still in the learning process of this exciting adventure.  I can’t wait to see what appears next.
This is an Angel of Goodness and Love.  She is created with Acrylic Paints, Colored pencils, Markers and Pens.  We all have Angels around us, and she is here to remind us that we are surrounded by LOVE and at any time something GOOD can happen.
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Something new is ready to emerge!

Mermaid with watermark pm
Mermaid close up with watermark pm
I’m on a journey to learn how to draw faces and bodies so I can create Angels and Faeries.
3 Weeks ago, I didn’t even know where to begin to draw a face. Thanks to Jane Davenports Supply Me class, I am on my way.  It is fun to see faces appear with their own personality.  I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting, but have steered clear of people.  I’m leaving my comfort zone of Flowers, Celtic Art and Mandalas so I can create more of the magical world all around us. This will add a missing piece to the Art I have in my mind to create.
Week by week, I learn new ways to add that twinkle to the eye.
Happy Faces emerge.
I had to take a deep breath as I started painting her with ink and no pencil sketch underneath.
Step out of your comfort zone.  Magical things are waiting to emerge for you too.
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