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Jackie Frost Visits

Brrrrrrr… it’s cold outside in Minnesota! I awoke to -14ºF with -40ºF windchill.   I’m not a winter person, at all, but it was fun to see all the beautiful drawings Jackie drew on the windows.
 I am taking a “Joynal” class with Jane Davenport,
and in this week’s class we are drawing naughty Pixies.
 Jack Frost’s twin sister, Jackie, has arrived and is trying to steal his favorite windows to draw on.
Jack loves drawing on our windows because our house is around 150 years old with gorgeous  large windows adorned with stained glass.
The next time you look out a wintery window, you may want to ask “Is this masterpiece created by Jack, or his naughty twin sister Jackie?”
This journal page was created in an old book covered with gesso, serviettes, doodles in ink, acrylic paint and colored pencils.  
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Flower Faeries

Happy New Year!
Flower Faery with watermark pm
I have been having fun drawing and painting some Flower Faeries.  These are all created in an altered book using gesso, serviettes (napkins), acrylic paints, Distress stains, colored pencils and ink.  It is so fun playing with serviettes as the background.  They create a fun theme of their own.  Everywhere I go I’m on the lookout for a great napkin- not for dinner time, but for another piece of art.
These are faeries from my garden, although they are inside now since it is so cold out.  They love to be by all the beautiful flowers, colors, bugs and nature’s gifts.
These paintings are bright, colorful and happy to remind me of the warm summer days ahead.
This faery is overlooking one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes after a winter storm.  She is watching some skaters far off into the distance.
For those of you who are experiencing cold winter weather, bring some color and a faery into your life.  It will make your days feel brighter.  Those in warm climates- enjoy all the magic outside in your gardens and with your plants!
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Autumn Faery

Hi Everyone, Happy Holidays!
Fall Elf with watermark pm
My hand decided to have a major arthritis flare, so I had to take a few weeks off from painting, drawing, etc. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to go without creating art for so long.  I was hoping I would have had this done to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, but I just finished it this weekend.  Instead I wish everyone a really nice week!
The faeries had fun preparing the gardens for winter, but I believe they are all tucked inside now to stay warm and to play in the houseplants.
In the art class I am taking, Joynal, we are learning to use Serviettes for backgrounds.  I feel pretty cool getting used to the word “serviette”, since here in Minnesota we have napkins.  But thanks to my teacher in Australia, I get a new flair of words while learning to paint ladies, fashionistas, faeries, and more.
The background is a serviette that we had for our Thanksgiving dinner and a bit of acrylic paint to blend it all together.  It makes a great background for my garden faery.
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Angel of Goodness & Love

Angel with watermark pm
(c) 2012 Colleayn T. Klaibourne
I love Angels!  My goal this year was to get back into drawing & painting.  I think my Angels were very helpful in creating the space, time and motivation to create Art again.  With some life changes and some tweeking of my work, daily schedule, and studio arrangement, I found a way to do so.  Little did I know that I would be led to start drawing them.  I see Angels all around people when I do my healing work. I wish I could take a photo of them so my clients could see them as well.  I am learning how to draw faces so I can draw what I see in my intuitive minds eye.  My Angels are listening but instead of having a photograph magically appear, they are steering me to learn how to paint them myself. I am still in the learning process of this exciting adventure.  I can’t wait to see what appears next.
This is an Angel of Goodness and Love.  She is created with Acrylic Paints, Colored pencils, Markers and Pens.  We all have Angels around us, and she is here to remind us that we are surrounded by LOVE and at any time something GOOD can happen.
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Mandala for Summer Joy!

Colorful-Twinks-Mandala-close-up-Twinks-pm-with watermark
(c) 2012 Colleayn T. Klaibourne
This is a Mandala created with Twinkling H2O watercolors on watercolor paper.
I am taking an Online class called Wisdom Circles with Dion Dior.  She is great inspiration.
I love to see what wants to emerge through meditation and the dance of color on paper.  I let the design and colors lead me, so each piece is a surprise ready to unfold.  I am always amazed how powerful Mandalas are.
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