"Loves Blessing" Oil Painting

Peony with watermark
“Loves Blessing” (c) 2005
Oil on Canvas, 18″x14″
(c) All Rights Reserved
This is one of my favorite paintings of a Peony. I love painting flowers because of their depth, multi-layers, vibrant colour, and beauty. It is also my way of capturing Spring and Summer year round because Minnesota winters are so long. You can’t help but smile and feel happiness when surrounded by flowers. This painting is also available as an archival Giclee.
Giclee Archival Prints & Greeting Cards Available

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  1. I am lucky enough to have a print of this beautiful flower. Colleayn paints with such passion and ease. I have a few of Colleayn’s peices and I must say, they not only beautify my home, they brighten each day. Thank you Colleayn for putting so much thought and effort into your pieces.

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