Mini Consult


Mini Consult ~ for “quick questions” because no matter how long we meet, it never feels like enough!

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Mini Consult

Mini Consults are 20-30 minute consultations where you can get help formulating a Horary question, see what consultation is best for you at this time, “running something past me”, general questions about my services, etc.


This is not a reading or Astrology consultation,
but rather a consultation or mentoring type of session.

This is for individuals who would rather talk to me on the phone instead of asking a question in an email.  

We need 20-30 minutes for “quick questions” because no matter how long we meet, it never feels like enough!


  • “I need help wording my question for a Horary Consultation.”
  • “Which session should I order?”
  • “I need some help with a meditation you suggested.”


  • You’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise from my 3 decades of experience in healing, intuition, Angel work, wellness & spirituality.
  • Phone sessions save you time from emailing back and forth and will help you get information faster than spending hours searching the internet for information.
    • Much of the Qigong healing and Ancient astrological techniques I practice and am educated in, are not found on the internet or easily obtainable from books, as they are taught through an oral tradition or from teachers in other countries.
  • Healing energy. Whenever I am on a call or Zoom meeting, whether it is for a healing session or astrology consult, I quietly emit healing energy as we talk, to support you and to bring peaceful and centering energy your way.

Sessions where we can go in depth about you, through your unique Astrology chart:

** Note:** You must be over the age of 18 to receive a consultation from me unless a parent or guardian is present and with the child/teen during the entire consultation.

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