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Colleáyn Klaibourne

Astrologer, Qigong Master Healer, Health Intuitive, Wellness Educator & Artist

Astrologer & Spring Forest Qigong Master Healer Colleáyn Klaibourne has spent nearly 3 decades providing healings and readings for thousands of individuals and animals in her private healing practice and classes. She is an Astrologer, Health Intuitive, Wellness Educator, Spiritual Mentor & Artist. She is passionate about health & healing and helping others create profound changes in their lives.  She has tuned into thousands of individuals.  She can see Angels around people and can sense energy blockages and areas in a person’s body, mind and spirit where there is imbalance. 

Colleáyn has a unique style of combining Astrology, Intuition, Angelic Wisdom & Healing so you can explore & gain a deeper understanding of who you are & how to nurture your body, mind & spirit.  Over the past several years she has transitioned from doing intuitive readings to Astrology consultations so she can go more in depth into who you are and get much better accuracy in timing & forecasting.  She has a special interest in Traditional, Hellenistic Astrology.

Colleáyn loves creating colorful art.   She has found that Mandalas and color are very powerful in helping a person find peacefulness, healing, and ways to create positive changes in one’s life & environment. Each piece of art, whether a Mandala, Flower or Celtic piece of art, chooses what it wants to become.  Colleáyn goes with the flow as she paints, letting the colors and designs shape themselves to become a beautiful piece of art.

Her eye for design and detail came at a young age. She planned on pursuing her degree in Interior Design and Space Planning as a career, but following a Near Death Experience in 1991, she began creating art while embracing her intuitive gifts and working in the integrative healing arts as a Qigong healer. Now she blends her detailed art and use of color with her healing and intuitive abilities to help people find healing through beautiful art & color.

As an Artist, she continually enjoys ways of expressing her creativity. Colleáyn currently utilizes Digital Art with Procreate & Acrylics as the primary medium for her artwork. Colleáyn’s background is as vibrant as the art she enjoys creating. Her passion is in creating colorful art – capturing beauty and color in themes ranging from Mandalas and up-close flowers to traditional Celtic Art. To balance the detailed, intricate side of her paintings, she enjoys creating fun, whimsical playful artworks.

Colleáyn currently sees clients for both Astrology & Healing via Zoom & Email.  Before COVID she led a bi-weekly Wellness Group, and spoke to medical professionals, colleges, and many groups on this healing art. She also enjoyed teaching Astrology, Wellness, Qigong and classes on Spirituality.  

She graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design and Space Planning with a minor in Business Administration. She planned on pursuing that as a career, but following a Near Death Experience in 1991, she began creating art and studying complementary healing techniques & spiritual subjects. She received her Practitioner Certification (Lay Minister) at Sancta Sophia Seminary, 1994-1998, & has studied Spring Forest Qigong through Master Chunyi Lin since 1999. She received the Wisdom Award at the 2013 World Qigong Conference.  This is an award honoring her passion, commitment, contributions, leadership & student advancement in Qigong.  Colleáyn’s Education & Credentials.

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Creating Art, Learning, Astrology, Reading, Organizing, Flowers, Kindness, Qigong Healing, Good books, Researching, Picking Flowers, Interior Design, Color, Feng Shui, Beautiful Art, Design, Minimalism, Kittens & Cats, Happy Dogs, Ah Hah Moments, Great Conversations, Teaching, Healthy Eating, Warmth, Sunshine, Summer, Art Classes…
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Mandala by Colleáyn Klaibourne