Private Mentoring & Tutoring


Private, one-to-one mentoring & tutoring consultations, tailored to You.

One to One Private Mentoring & Tutoring Consultations


Mentoring & Tutoring Consults are 50-60 minute consultations
via Zoom or Phone


Experience the power of private mentoring, whether you are seeking a one-time session whenever the need arises or on an ongoing, deep-dive journey of exploration.


This is not a reading or Astrology consultation,
but rather a consultation, mentoring or learning type of session.


This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions to support your development in:

  • Astrology (My focus is on Hellenistic Astrology, Regiomontanus House system).
  • Angels
  • Qigong healing techniques
  • Feng Shui, decluttering, organizing to help lighten your life.
  • Your meditation practice
  • Spiritual protection, raising your vibration, spiritual boundaries, etc.

☙ Feel free to email me at colleayn @ (combine to be all one word) to see if what you are looking for is within my scope of practice to help you.


  • You’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge, guidance and expertise from my 3 decades of experience in healing, intuition, Angel work, wellness & spirituality.
  • You can tailor the topic of the session to meet your needs and what you want to learn or understand better.
  • Mentoring/tutoring sessions save you time and provide you with the precise insights you wish to learn and understand deeper.Specialized information can be obtained faster this way, than spending hours searching the internet for hard-to-find information.
    • Much of the Qigong healing and Ancient astrological techniques I practice and am educated in, are not found on the internet or easily obtainable from books, as they are taught through an oral tradition or from teachers in other countries.
  • Let me know your area of interests before you book so I am prepared with the resources to help you.

Sessions where we can go in depth about you into your Astrology chart:

Ask A Horary Question:


** Note:** You must be over the age of 18 to receive a consultation from me unless a parent or guardian is present and with the child/teen during the entire consultation.

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