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Read below for more information about Colleáyn’s style & inspiration, Copyright information, types of art prints, Commissions and more.

Artistry Frequently Asked Questions

Colleáyn’s Style

I never met a color I didn’t like. ~ Dale Chihuly

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. I really have had no formal training in painting and drawing- only experimenting with new mediums that I discover at the art stores.

One of my first jobs as a teen was working at a Daycare. I started painting life-size murals of cartoon characters on the walls to entertain the children. In college, the focus of my studies were in Architecture and Design and I explored ceramics, sculpture and jewelry design as my art electives. It wasn’t until after college and a Near Death Experience that I began painting and drawing again as I did when I was a child. I picked up a pen and began creating the Celtic Art. Even though I am Irish, I had no idea what I was drawing until someone asked me about the Book of Kells in Ireland. I then discovered I had been instinctively using ancient techniques and symbolism. The other art has emerged as a result of natural curiosity and the desire to create images I love and wish to surround myself with. I love experimenting with new techniques and enjoy using mediums in ways that are challenging. (For example, it is easier to do Celtic art in free flowing watercolor or ink, but it is more fun to try thick acrylic paint within the tiny lines, to get a new effect.) Since my formal training is in Interior Design and Architecture, I believe that is why I love working with line, detail, colour and precision so much.

Over the years, I have tried to find one “style” that I could focus on, but I have found that I work best using many techniques and styles. I am drawn to each type of art for different reasons. Mandalas are my biggest passion right now. The design, colors & style choose themselves. I find them to be very meditative, healing, & joyful to create. I love creating Celtic Art – it seems to be in my blood. This style is very labor & time intensive and “serious” work, but I just love to do this and the results are beautiful in their own unique way. The Floral Paintings are created because I love flowers so much. Their beauty, vibrant colors, and depth bring a smile to my face and they brighten up any environment- especially the long winters we are accustomed to here in Minnesota. My Landscape Pictures reflect peacefulness & stature. I layer the textured areas with as many as 12 different colors to give it the depth and vibrant colors. The Whimsical Paintings appear when I need to let my playful, fun side out. I can always tell when I have been working on Celtic Art for too long because fun cats, faeries, etc. start to appear. It is a great way to balance the tight, fine detailed work of the Celtic Designs or Flowers with spontaneous, fun, bright and colorful paintings.

When I create a piece of Celtic art, I try to use as few of lines as necessary to create the art. The eternal line interlaces over and under itself to create the whole picture, each piece typically being only 2 or 3 endless lines. It is very calming and mesmerizing to do this and I tend to lose time easily. Each piece is done free-hand without rulers, tools, compasses, etc. I begin in pencil then follow with ink, acrylic paint or watercolor. Each is an original design, not copied from the ancients.

I love colour. I love the way I feel around colour and how uplifting and healing it can be. In my art, I use colour as a way to express the beauty and vibrancy of the painting. It is another way that I can communicate emotion and depth of feeling. Growing up, I noticed how colour or lack of colour affected people. We all respond to its affects and the easiest ways to transform, uplift, or change our space is by the colours we choose. After I graduated from College, I pursued further education in Colour Psychology and Colour Therapy. This knowledge became a wonderful extension to understand what my art says on a deeper level. If a person wants to feel calm, peaceful, and serene, art examples would include: The Lotus Painting – “Peaceful Love”, the Mexican Hat Flower – “Serenity” or the landscape – “Peaceful Knowing”. The Celtic knot on the vibrant red background named “Celtic Dance” is a wonderful energizing piece. It is full of life. My intention is to create colourful, beautiful art that elicits a positive response. Everyone needs an environment that is a pleasure to be in, and adding art is an easy way to transform any space.

Colour is jewels to the eye. ~ Colleáyn Klaibourne

Art is colour. The deeper and more vibrant the colours expressed, the more passion that explodes within people to find within their own untapped reservoir of creativity- their titch of talent. The art pulls at the heart strings just waiting for you to ask “What is mine to do”. “What must I not hide under the carpet any longer”. That is what colour does for me. It pulls at me to create what is ready to be born. It will tap at my shoulder until I can sleep no more. ~ Colleáyn Klaibourne

Each colour has a different affect on us. The warm colours of the reds, oranges, & yellows are active, energizing, & joyful. The cool colours of the greens, blues, & purples are calming, soothing, & peaceful. Deep green with rich wood would be a great room for a study/library. It’s calming, relaxing, and it’s easy to focus on what you are reading. The same room painted vibrant red would be too overwhelming. It would be very hard to sit and relax. Accents of Art with reds and burgundies would be a better choice rather than painting it completely red.

Personalized Shopping for Art

Yes. Please contact Colleáyn for more information. A photo, age of person, and location would be very helpful for her to tune in and select the right Mandala, Art, etc. for yourself, a loved one, or a friend.

Yes. Please see additional information about commissioned art in the FAQ – Commissioned menu.  A photo, age of person, information about your request & needs, and location would be needed for her to tune in and create the right Mandala, Art, etc. for Yourself, a loved one, or a friend. Please contact Colleáyn for more information.

Colleáyn can help you find the colors you need to strengthen your system during an Qigong Healing session. She will recommend ways you can get the benefits of the color you need through her Mandalas & Art, colors to wear, your environment, etc.

Commissioned Art FAQ’s

Do you have something in mind that would make a great piece of art, but cannot find it anywhere? Contact me and discover how I can add to your fine-art collection.

  • Colleáyn can paint Healing Mandalas…as long as she has the proper information about the client or location for the project. For example, if this is for a person, she would need a very clear, color photograph of the person she is tuning into, age, location, and details of the request.  (Colleáyn reserves the right to turn down the project if needed.)
  • The way that Colleáyn works with commissioned art is that she is given a basic idea or concept with a general scope of what the finished piece should be. (Size, media, etc.) The creativity will be left to her, as an artist, in conformity with her intuition, style and established techniques.
  • Upon completion of the preliminary sketch, Colleáyn will email the client a photograph. The client will be allowed a maximum of 2 session edits during this stage. Additional changes increase the fee. Once the client approves the preliminary pencil sketch, the final work will start to be painted. Colleáyn strives very hard to ensure Client satisfaction, however, once the painting has begun, the Client must be aware that it is very difficult to make changes – impossible in some instances – and therefore may be difficult to alter to any great degree.
  • Turnaround time for the painting depends on the complexity of the subject, the size and Colleáyn’s workload at the time of hire. After receipt of a Commitment Fee, (1/2 the cost of the painting), Colleáyn begins work which could take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to complete.
  • The painting is created digitally using special techniques & custom brushes to represent watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings.
  • Once we have agreed on subject, size, medium, due date and price, you will sign a simple contract for the custom painting and give me a 50% non-refundable deposit. The signing of the contract and the initial payment binds the parties and sets the process in motion. The balance due, including any applicable sales tax, framing, shipping or other charges, is paid when you accept the painting. This final payment is due prior to the release of the painting. Approval and release of the painting finalizes the Painting commission contract. Shipping rates will vary with artwork due to the fragility, insurance and size of the piece.
  • The prices for commissioned paintings vary on the size of the painting. Normally a painting will cost $400-$10,000. Please call for details.
  • Prices on a commissioned painting are usually about 25% higher than a non-commissioned painting of the same size.
  • Paintings are sold un-framed. Arrangements for framing may be made at an additional cost.
  • All shipments will be insured for full value.
  • Shipping costs are the responsibility of the person/company commissioning the work. Tax for Minnesota residents will also be added to the total.
  • You will be asked to approve the final product via an e-mailed photo and then we will ship the work to you following the final payment.
  • Fees are for original artwork only and do not include copyrights or reproduction rights, which remain solely with the Artist.

All art, designs, etc. © 2007 – 2022 Colleáyn Klaibourne. All rights reserved. Colleáyn Klaibourne retains all copyrights associated with her listings before and after the sale.

As the artist, I retain copyright over my work and all images you see on my site. Commercial resale of my work is not permitted without prior arrangement. If you have requested a custom design, logo, etc. – you can use it in any way you want. Thank you.

Unfortunately no. No portion of the text or any image on this website may be copied, downloaded, saved or reproduced in any way without prior written consent of myself, Colleáyn T. Klaibourne. Please respect the fact that these artworks are the product of many hours of work, and are under copyright. I am quite happy for you to purchase blank greeting cards and to have your own personal message, invitation, etc. printed on the inside of these cards.


Giclée Print: (pronounced Gee-Clay) High-quality prints made on a six-colour ink jet printer. Each print is made individually on a one-by-one basis. Using acid free canvas or watercolour paper and UV archival inks, it produces the look and feel of an original Acrylic, oil or watercolour painting. The Giclées are all signed and numbered by the artist but are published in smaller quantities. Because each piece is professionally made it requires two to three weeks for delivery.

Colour Print:  These prints are commercially produced (not created on a home printer). Each print is reviewed by the artist to ensure an accurate, high-quality representation of the actual artwork. Prints are similar in quality to reproductions that are often sold already framed in various home stores. These are not signed, archival, or Giclée-type prints.

Litho Print: Short for “lithography”, it is a standard four-colour printing using non-fading inks, printed on acid-free papers. The offset lithographs are done from an original painting created by the artist. Since the printing process is mechanical, very large numbers of prints can be run. Once a limited edition print closes out, no additional reprints will be published. Please allow two weeks for delivery.