Mandala Healing Art

Mandalas are known to have a calming effect on the mind & body.

A mandala is a symbolic picture or pattern used in meditation. Mandalas come directly from the unconscious mind to heal body, mind & spirit.  The design, colors and its geometry are specifically designed to bring about inner focus and inner peace.  Mandalas most often are in the form of a circle- a shape that represents the self, the Earth, the Sun, and the state of wholeness we strive for.  Each design was created by Colleáyn and is drawn free-hand.    She goes within the quietness to let the image, colors, and Mandala emerge.

Mandala 1 for website
Mandala by Colleáyn Klaibourne

The Circle of Life is all around us…. Everywhere.

ancient Art

The mandala is one of humankind’s most ancient art forms dating back as far as 5 BC.  Types of mandalas may be found in all religions, as well as in psychology.  Saint Hildegard Von Bingen (1098 – 1179), a Benedictine Nun, healed herself of physical ailments through her mandalas which she called her visions coming from God.


Sun, moon, flowers, shells, celtic spirals, labyrints…. the mandala.

The modern usage of the mandala comes largely from Psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875 – 1961).  He started with his own experience with drawing circles, shapes and designs, and noticed that they somehow corresponded to his inner situation, feelings, impressions, and thoughts. 



He concluded after some study of the matter with his own drawings and also the drawings of his patients that these circular drawings were therapeutic, first to draw, then to look at.  Carl Jung saw the circular images his clients experienced as “movement towards psychological growth, expressing the idea of a safe refuge, inner reconciliation and wholeness.”

Simply Go Within.  Breathe in the Wisdom of the Circle.

Soft Gaze

Simply rest your gaze at the center of the image, or slightly above the center, keeping your eyes softly focused.  Do this for 10 -20 minutes per day to experience the benefits of these healing art pieces.


Try not to stare at it, nor to let your mind wander to random thoughts about the image.  Simply allow the image and its design to soak into your consciousness. 


Healing happens at deep levels that may feel spontaneous and immediate, or it might evolve over time.  Mandala meditation allows you to encourage healing at a pace that is right for you. 

“Me” Time

By setting aside a little time every day to look at a mandala will help you relax and feel balanced.

Dot Mandala 5 for website
Mandala by Colleáyn Klaibourne
Mandala for Website Blues
Mandala by Colleáyn Klaibourne

Healing & Meditation
through Art.

Each time you meditate on a mandala, you will experience new insights & meaning, and it will help you discover more about who you are, in a beautiful way.  The mandala will change colors & form, and will create its own healing dance as you gaze in the center of this ancient, healing art.

Mandalas embrace the wisdom that awaits us.