Commissioned Art

One-of-a-Kind Originals Personalized for You.

Lotus flowers with watermark

“3 Lotus Flowers”

36″ x 48″, Oil on Canvas

Commission for Master Chunyi Lin, Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center, MN


Mandala’s can be commissioned in different sizes and design elements.  Each Mandala that is commissioned is an original, one of a kind piece of art made specifically for you & your fine-art collection.   This personalized mandala serves as a strong focal point in your home, workspace or health and/or wellness center. Colleáyn paints Healing Mandalas & Art based upon your intention, healing request, goal, space, intuition, etc.  She has a unique & specialized gift of being able to tune into individuals and share insights, thoughts & color recommendations for art that may be helpful for you individually or in your home and/or office space.

Mandala 1 for website
Mandala by Colleáyn Klaibourne

Astrology Chart Mandalas
Family Mandalas
Healing Mandalas
Mandalas for Meditation rooms
Healing Mandalas for Clinics, Hospitals, Wellness Centers

If you would like to commission Colleáyn to paint original Astrology Art or a Healing Mandala, please contact Colleáyn for details.