Preparing for Your
Healing Tips

Long Distance Healing Session Tips

  • This is done through the comfort of your home. While the healing is taking place, there is no physical or verbal contact involved nor a phone call.
    • If you have ordered a session with a Zoom consult, we will connect at the scheduled time. 
    • If you have the long distance session without the consult, communication is through email after the healing.
  • Select a comfortable and quiet place to spend the 45 minutes – 90 minutes +, either sitting or lying down. Either begin meditating, rest quietly, or read, draw, color, etc.  It is fine if you go to sleep or are already asleep before the session begins. It is ok if you don’t have time to rest the whole time- 30 – 45 minutes is fine.
    • (If you have the session with the email, the session may be closer to 2 – 2 1/2 hours.) It is ok if you don’t have time to rest the whole time.
  • Have a glass of water in the space next to you where energy will be sent to it for you to sip on throughout the day (or days ahead). (You can put out as much water as you would like).
  • After the session: Take 3 deep, quiet breaths, rub your hands, and massage your face and ears after your session (about 45 minutes from when it began) or in the morning before you get out of bed if you have the session before you sleep for the evening. These movements help you come out of the meditation without feeling spacey.
  • Do not have anything cold to drink 30 minutes before or after your session. The cold energy will interfere with the flowing of the Qi (energy). Warm or hot water/ tea, etc. is fine.


  • You can put water out and energy will be sent to it. This can be used in their water dish to be drank  throughout the day (or days ahead). (You can put out as much water as you would like).
  • Your pet may sleep during the session, sniff into the air as they feel the energy start, sit on your lap, or even be playful. Each pet is different. It is fine if they do what they want to do during the session.

A Note About Thunderstorms:

Due to the volatile energy in the universe due to the thunder and lightning, Colleáyn is not able to do intuitive sessions during storm times. She is fine to do sessions in regular rain showers. If you happen to have an appointment during a storm, she’ll have to reschedule the session to another time. She wants to make sure she receives clear and accurate information from the highest source. In a way it is much like getting poor television reception from Dish networks during a storm. She apologizes, in advance, for any inconvenience that may be caused by the necessity to reschedule appointments.