Colleáyn Klaibourne

My Healing Story…..

I feel very fortunate to share my successful healing stories, so you too, can feel hope in your own healing journey. I know that if I didn’t have Qigong & so many wonderful healing tools, my life would be very different and much more difficult. I learned how much I would need to call upon integrative medicine when the world was shutting down due to COVID. At the beginning of the Pandemic, I had to wait over a month for an emergency surgery for another bowel resection, as the hospitals weren’t doing surgery at the time. Thankfully I had the tools of Qigong healing, meditation and family & friends sending love and healing to help me through this health crisis and scary time. I literally needed to call upon my background in the healing arts to help me survive until it was safe for the surgery and to help me heal recover after the surgery.

My story below gives a glimpse into my health history and how I found benefit through Qigong healing. I’m also in awe at how much of what has happened to me shows up on my Astrology Chart. The more I learn about Astrology, the more I can look back at events of my life to see what was happening with the planets at each moment of time.

I share my story to offer hope & encouragement if you are going through difficult times, health challenges and are tired from it all. I understand. I am so grateful for Western Medicine and Integrative Healing. They both continue to be big players in my life right now as I continue in my own health journey. Sometimes it is hard to see the big picture and understand why things happen in our lives. But I also am a believer in miracles and that at anytime something good can happen!

Unusual Start

My story began when I was an infant.  I was born very ill and in my sixth week of life, I had surgery to have many feet of my intestines removed due to a bowel obstruction.  I experienced a lot of digestive problems that continued to worsen as I grew up.  By the time I was in my teens, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Arthritis and continued to deal with digestive problems.  At a young age I knew it was caused from food even when doctors told me that there was no such thing as food allergies. To feel well, I kept trying to figure it out by eliminating foods that I “thought” made me sick. For the longest time I blamed everything on meat. I thought being a vegetarian (14 years) would be the answer to all of my problems. It didn’t. I tried every diet to try and find relief from my digestive problems.

The Light

In 1991, a week after I graduated from College, I was excited to move to Boulder, CO to do a 6 month internship at an Architectural Firm.  This is something I had always dreamed of.  My parents helped me move to Colorado, and the day before they were leaving, we spent the day in Estes Park.  It was a beautiful day that ended up to be the most life changing day of my life.  While eating at a restaurant in a little Mountain town, I was accidentally given walnuts which caused a severe allergic reaction resulting in a Near Death Experience.  One minute my heart was racing uncontrollably and I couldn’t catch my breath, and the next instant I was surrounded in beautiful light.  It was as if I walked through a thin veil into the most beautiful world that one could ever imagine.  My experience in the light was life transforming as I was surrounded with beautiful angels full of love and peace.  Words cannot express the magnitude of love and joy I experienced.  I had no awareness of the 40 mile drive my parents were rushing down as they drove down the winding mountain roads to seek help.  In their panic, they had no idea of the beautiful encounter I was experiencing in this heavenly place.  The angels were so beautiful and loving- communication was through telepathy.  It was the most loving place that I had ever been in.  There are no judgments about people due to their religious beliefs, race, sexual preference, beliefs, etc.  There is only love and acceptance.  I had no concept of time, all that I remember is interacting and learning from them, then being given a suitcase as I was guided back to leave that sacred space.  The next moment, I remember being back in the car, not feeling well, and wondering where I was.    From that moment on, I started my spiritual quest to gain an understanding of my experience in the light.  My lifelong dream of being a top designer, designing beautiful restaurants and upper end homes was replaced by learning as much as I could about world religions, healing arts from around the world, and spirituality.  Fortunately, I was now living in Boulder, the perfect city with access to so many spiritual resources while I was designing mountain homes for my internship. 

Over the next 12 years, my health continued to deteriorate.  My search for knowledge also became a search to regain my health.   I became a medical mystery to the doctors in my local town and Mayo Clinic.  Digestive problems extended to neurological and heart problems.  I was found to have Dysautonomia- a disease of the autonomic nervous system and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.  I was sleeping almost 20 hours a day, and couldn’t drive due to severe dizziness and extremely low blood pressure, thyroid levels were at 0 during a hospital stay with another bowel obstruction.  I could hardly digest food, and was down to 89 Ibs. while eating 6 times a day.  Despite the new diagnosis & treatment, and integrative healing treatments from Shamans and healers, I still wasn’t getting better.

Answer To My Prayers

I was so sick, and couldn’t imagine another moment lying in bed feeling so horrible & useless.  It had been a long & heartbreaking 12 years watching my dreams fade away. I tried my best to see clients, study and learn about healing and spirituality,  but each day I became weaker and weaker.  I kept praying for the right doctor or healer to come into my life and that is when I met Master Chunyi Lin.  My Mom had attended an afternoon class with him, and he invited anyone to come after class for a healing.  We jumped at the chance and were the only ones that showed up.  He had me sit in a chair and had me close my eyes while he did a Qigong session with me.  Afterwards, he gave me a simple active exercise to do.  I was so happy that he did this for me, and I started doing the Qigong right away.  I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired that I began doing the arm circles twice a day.  Within 2 weeks, I was already getting more energy and didn’t have to sleep all day.  All of a sudden doors began to open for me, the right doctors came into my life and I was getting more answers to what was happening to me.   Finally, in my mid-30’s a medical abstract came across my desk on Celiac Disease. I thought someone had written a book on me. Thankfully, I found a good doctor who tested me for it, and sure enough, I was given a correct diagnosis. Within weeks, I began seeing improvement, but I didn’t get completely better. After another Mayo Clinic quest, I was tested & diagnosed with fructose intolerance.  I finally understood why all of the Qigong I was doing wasn’t quite doing the trick- I was still being “poisoned” by foods that were damaging my system.  

No Words

A few years ago, while babysitting my niece and nephew, my niece was sitting on my lap during her nebulizer treatments.  Little did I know that the medication that she was inhaling  was a problem for me.  Over the weekend, I kept getting sicker and sicker until I had no voice, couldn’t quit coughing, etc.  I learned that my respiratory system had been burned badly.    I completely lost my voice for over a year and was told that I would probably never be-able to speak again.  If anyone knows me, they know I love to talk.  I couldn’t imagine a life where I couldn’t talk ever again.  I spent a year going to speech therapy (weekly for many, many months), writing notes on paper, emailing people instead of talking on the phone, clapping when I needed something, and using a whistle and chime to let people know if dinner was ready, etc.    I was also doing a lot of Qigong.  After a year of speech therapy and discovering my insurance would no longer cover it, my therapist was very happy that I could now talk lightly in my “confidential church voice”.  I was considered to have found success from where I had started.  But I knew that more was around the corner for me.  I kept doing my Qigong, and soon was able to talk in a monotone voice.  Even though no sound would come out in any low or high notes, I was still so excited.  I could communicate again!  People could hear me on the phone and I didn’t have to clap or use a whistle to call someone from another room.  I still dreamed of calling out to someone, saying Hi from the distance, and singing a song.  Three years later, last October of 2009, that dream came true.  I got my singing voice back.  I could sing Happy Birthday, Christmas songs, and songs to the radio.  Around the holidays, I ran into my speech therapist and she was wondering why I didn’t have a whistle around my neck.  (Our agreement was to wear one every day in case anything were to happen that I needed to call out to someone.)  I naturally responded to her question, and she couldn’t believe that I could talk.  The last time she heard me, I was barely audible.  She shared with me that she and my ENT Doctor had never seen a worse medical case than mine.  (I’m glad I didn’t know that.) She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  I don’t know who was more excited about this success story- me going through each stage  of my healing process or her hearing my voice that day in the hall.  This is a healing story that I knew I would accomplish because words are so important to me.  Since I have regained my voice, I have joined Toastmasters so that I can strengthen my voice and learn how to become a great speaker and teacher.  I don’t want to take my voice for granted again.  Every day that I am talking with family & friends, talking with people in everyday environments, working with clients, and teaching Qigong, I am so thankful that I have the healing tools of Qigong.  Without Qigong and speech therapy, I wouldn’t be-able to touch the lives of others as I have the opportunity to do so now.   


What I know for sure, is that healing can happen.  If I had listened to my doctors, I shouldn’t have a voice, I should still be in bed because a very large percentage of people with Dysautonomia are bedridden, and I should be bent over from the waist with the type of arthritis I was diagnosed with.  Instead I am talking, driving, teaching, helping others, leading a very active life and loving each day to the fullest.  I’m not on any medications and I follow a special diet.  My life is balanced with what I love to do most- Astrology, Art, Qigong healing and teaching, Connecting with Angels, interacting with others and my daily meditation practice.  I can thank prayer & insight/intuition, Master Chunyi Lin, Great Doctors, Surgeons & Health Providers, determination & perseverance, etc. as helping me live each day creating wellness for myself & helping others. I am a testimony that life can improve and can become full again.

Keep seeking.  The answers are out there for you too. Explore my website to learn more about Qigong healing to help you on your healing journey. Astrology can offer insight and validation for what you have been through and to offer a glimpse into the time ahead. I have found connecting with your Angels offers so much love, support, comfort and healing.