Healing Art

Healing art is meant to take you to a special place
to help you feel calm, peaceful & hopeful.

Art Provides Healing

Art is very healing, calming & peaceful. Illness, injury & challenges in life, career & relationships can pop up unexpectedly and be very stressful.  Art & Color can transform stress to deep relaxation, inspire creativity, changes one’s mood and outlook on the world. Art creates hope when dealing with difficulties and health challenges in life. In recent years there has been increased interest in the relationship between art and healing in the medical world.

Years ago, I remember sitting in a cardiac waiting room in a large medical facility.  Looking around the room I could sense the fear and uncertainty of both the patients and their loved ones as they waited for their name to be called.  I looked around the large brown room and wished there was a piece of art or something I could look at to take me to a different place.  I needed something to change my focus, even if it was only for a brief time.  This feeling has stayed with me over the years as I’ve sat in waiting rooms, hospital rooms, worked with clients in my healing practice, etc.  Color and Art can be powerful tools for healing, relaxation, transforming a space and helping a person feel good inside.   A relaxed person responds better to treatment & will feel less pain more than a person filled with fear, tension and apprehension.

Mayo Clinic~ Art for healing

I have spent a great amount of time at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN the past couple of years. Art is showcased on each floor of the Mayo Clinic Campus with such beauty. It offers a way to escape the stress of the unknown, medical tests and time spent waiting for appointments. It brightens my day even if I have seen the beautiful art over and over again. The minute you step off the elevator from the Damon Parking Ramp, you are greeted by marble, live plant walls, Chihuly chandeliers and amazing digital art encompassing a full wall. This is only the start. The art is truly healing.

“It is now known by neurophysiologists that art, prayer, and healing all come from the same source in the body, they all are associated with similar brain wave patterns, mind body changes and they all are deeply connected in feeling and meaning.”
~ Art as a Healing Force

Healing pieces of art can be placed in your favorite rooms, meditation rooms, Wellness & Healing Centers, Clinics & Hospitals, offices and conference rooms.  They are beneficial to meditate with for healing, well-being, and color therapy.  To learn more on the healing qualities of Mandalas click here.  To learn more about how color influences our mood, health & well-being click here.