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What consultation do you recommend?

Your unique Astrology Chart provides rich insight into many different aspects of your life.

Each consultation offers valuable information, depending on what you are seeking. 

Here is a brief overview of some of the sessions I offer. Tap into the wisdom of Astrology that dates back over 4,000 years ago.

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A Birth Chart (Natal) Astrology Consultation
is where we explore: 

  • The birth chart contains information pertaining to your entire life.
  • Your personality, gifts, talents, challenges and broad life trends.
  • Things you came into this world to do, experience, gravitate towards, etc.
  • Receive insights into your life’s themes and potential areas of growth.
  • Validation to who you are, why you are the way you are, why you are attracted to certain careers, interests, etc.
  • Overview of different areas of your life: Career, finances, family, relationship, travel, health, play, children, education, friendships, spirituality, communication, etc. 

The “Looking Ahead” Astrology consultation
is where we explore:

  • What is ahead for the next month, 3, 6, 9 months or year? We cover the main themes and general tendencies during the time frame of your choice.
  • Things happening at this particular time of your life. 
  • Receive insights into favorable timing and opportunities that may present themselves or a heads up for potential challenges.
  • Focus on one area deeply or on 2-3 areas of your life (as time permits)- ex. Career, finances, family, relationship, travel, health, play, children, education, friendships, spirituality, communication, etc. 
  • This is great to do around your birthday, to explore the themes from one birthday to your next birthday, the start of the New Year or new beginning, or when life presents opportunities or challenges you wish to explore for more clarity and guidance.

Dive Deep Astrology Consultations

  • These sessions focus on one specific area of life or topic you would like to explore on a deeper level.
  • This consultation will help you if:
    • You wish to gain insight about a complex or complicated situation in your life. You will discover if this is something affecting you for a short period of time or one that may lasts months or longer.
    • You could use some encouragement and practical advice on how to proceed.
    • You feel lost, confused, overwhelmed, stuck or are questioning what the best path is to take and need clearer understanding & guidance to move forward.
  • Examples of things to focus on:
    • Wellness & Well-being
    • Inspiration, tips & guidance to reach a big goal or dream.
    • Spiritual Direction & Guidance. Tap into your intuitive style, inner wisdom & spiritual gifts- for yourself & to help others. Tips for empaths.
    • Children. How to nurture your child & understand their natural abilities & communication style, how to help them shine… (This is not meant to eavesdrop or check up on them.)
    • Travel. Good dates or locations to visit bases upon your unique chart.
    • Moving & Relocation (Astrocartography). Discover whether or not specific places are ideal for you to thrive, work, feel good or how they may influence you.
    • Simplying Your Life. Calmness & simplicity to benefit your Mind, Body & Home (organizing, decluttering, organizing.)
    • Navigating a difficult, complex or complicated situation.
    • Career, Life Path & Retirement
    • What Just Hit Me?

Career & Life Path Astrology Consultations

This session helps you to to discover your purpose, talents & life themes
so that you can pursue your career and life dreams.

In this consultation we can explore areas such as:
  • Life Path and Purpose. Receive insights about your life path and exploration of your purpose in life.
  • Career Direction at different turning points in your life or if you need guidance as you make career changes.
  • Education Path. Receive guidance and good areas to explore in education, college and personal or professional studies.
  • Retirement Planning as you plan for retirement and want to explore timing, how to transition from work to new routines, hobbies or interests as well as discover what themes are calling you in this next phase of your life.

Feel free to email me with what you are seeking,
and I will help you pick out the right session.

Private Mentoring & Tutoring

This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions to support your spiritual development.

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Please Read Disclaimers
Medical Treatment Disclaimer: 

Please understand that working with any healing practitioner should in no way prevent or preclude you from seeing a medical doctor. A Health Intuitive or Astrologer cannot legally diagnose your condition and prescribe treatment. If you are experiencing what you perceive to be a medical condition, Colleayn strongly advises that you seek help from a medical provider in addition to any work that you may undertake with her.

Prices & Rescheduling

♦ Prices listed above are subject to change. Payment is due at time of session.  Returned check fee: $35.00. 

♦ Rescheduling: If you need to change your appointment, please let me know as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours before your scheduled time.  If you do not provide a 48-hour notice, your fee for the appointment will be forfeited.   (In the event of an emergency, a consultation may be rescheduled within 24 hours’ notice on a case-by-case basis.)

♦ Refund Requests: Since I dedicate many hours of Astrology preparation time before your session, a refund using the existing payment is unfortunately only possible within 7 days of your scheduled appointment. Sessions may be cancelled with a refund (minus any PayPal or bank fees) up to 7 days in advance of the scheduled appointment. After that time, we do not offer refunds, but you may save your consultation for another date, gift your consultation to someone else, or apply the purchase amount towards any other service offered by Colleáyn Klaibourne. If you do not provide a 48-hour notice, your fee for the appointment will be forfeited. All sales are final.  Sessions, services, classes, art, prints, digital items, etc. are non-refundable. All sales are final. Once a session is complete, there are no refunds. Sessions, services, classes, art, prints, digital items, etc. are non-returnable. Please see shop policy’s for more information.


♦ Astrology: Please be advised that Astrology cannot predict, forecast, or provide information with absolute certainty. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Colleáyn Klaibourne will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during consultations. The consultations are not meant for medical, legal or financial advice, or to replace advice from other experts. You must be over the age of 18 to receive a consultation from me unless a parent or guardian is present and with the child/teen during the entire consultation.

ANimal Sessions

♦ Animal Sessions: Information received from your animal during an Animal Communication or a Healing session are from the animals perspective and experiences. Colleáyn is not a physician or veterinarian, and cannot diagnose illness. What she can do is describe to you the symptoms the animal feels/sends to her. Animal Communication is not a replacement for personal care, training, or veterinary diagnoses or treatments. Please contact your veterinarian on all health matters.

Qigong Healing

♦ Qigong Healing: The Qigong & Consultation services you have requested are to help you release energy blocks, open up your channels, and help fill you with the powerful, loving life energies of the Universe. They are not directed at identifying specific medical or psychological diseases. I am not a medical doctor, physician, psychologist, or veterinarian. I do not diagnose or treat disease. If you have a medical concern or question that requires medical attention you should see a licensed physician, or a licensed or registered health care provider.


♦ Right of refusing service. Colleáyn Klaibourne reserves the right to refuse service if for any reason her services, guidance or insights are not suited to the person and/or their situation or appropriate for either party. Colleáyn is not is not in any way whatsoever obligated to accept every request made by its clients and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, with or without stating a cause.


♦ All sessions are 100% confidential unless you wish for me, and give me permission, to tell whomever you want to know any particulars. (I get this request if someone is asking for healing, prayers, or wants someone to see their Astrology Chart, etc.) At times I use anonymous example charts for the purposes of teaching, horary examples or helping others gain more understanding of astrology . Please see my permission request above for more information.