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What is Horary Astrology?

Horary astrology is an ancient form of astrology that has been around for almost 2,000 years.  Unlike natal astrology, which looks at personality, talents and broad life themes, horary is the art of using astrology to answer a specific question that weighs strongly on your mind. Horary can be much more specific and precise than natal astrology.   The horary chart pertains only to the question that is asked.  
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Why have a Horary Consultation?

The purpose of a horary consultation is to help you solve or understand a specific question from an astrological perspective, bringing more clarity and direction to help you make the most informed decision possible.

It provides valuable insights and guidance to help guide your next actions.  The horary chart can describe something that has already occurred, offer insight on what may happen next, and shed light on the underlying dynamics at play.  

By identifying your greatest resources and/or illuminating potential obstacles and blocks, you can make optimal choices for success and well-being.

The Horary Consultation Process

  • Horary works best when your question stirs the soul, moves you deeply or has a sense of urgency to it. The more specific the question, the clearer the response will be.   
  • A horary chart is cast using the time, date and place of my location, when I understand the question. I will then analyze the astrology chart, looking at the position of the planets and astrological factors surrounding your question.  
  • Simply ask the question when you feel inspired and are strongly led to do so. This is the “right moment”.  There is something magical that happens so that the time is correct, and the chart is cast just when it needs to be. 

Are You Ready to Dive In?

You’ll find there are many guidelines to follow when asking a question.  It may seem like a lot, but they really are simple to help you come up with a meaningful question following this ancient technique.  Applying these rules provides great assessments, answers, and insights to your question. 

The following are some important considerations & tips for asking a good Horary question.  

Important to Read: 
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  • If you have more than one question on your mind, ask the most important and pressing one first and then wait at least a day or more to schedule another session and to ask the next most important question.
  • When asking horary questions, it is not possible to distinguish between multiple, unconnected questions in the same chart. 
  • Horary astrology is designed to answer specific questions about a particular situation or issue. The more specific the better. 
  • In addition to your specific question, I will need as much information as you can to describe the problem in general, your situation, how it has arisen, the people or events involved, etc. Avoid asking vague or overly broad questions that are difficult to interpret.  The more exact the question is, the more fitting it is for horary astrology. 
    • Astrology is a symbolic language, and information you can share about what has led up to this, and current conditions relating to your question is very helpful. The more information you provide here, the less likely it is that I will need to contact you for more information or details.
    • Physical descriptions of people involved can be helpful as well, such as young, old; short, tall; muscular; thin; blonde-haired; pale-complexioned, old fashioned, direct, impatient, etc.
    • Moving or house questions– information on location, description of home/dwelling/business…  Real Estate listings are very helpful.   
  • After I receive your question and I feel that I need some more information or clarification, I will ask for this before I cast the chart so that I can get a better understanding of what you want to know.  
  • When asking horary questions, it is not possible to distinguish between multiple, unconnected questions in the same chart. 
  • This allows you to ask the question again after the specified timeframe in the first question has now passed.  It is best to keep the deadline within a year.
  • Examples:  “Will I be able to sell my house within 8 months?”  “Will I be engaged to Winston within a year”.  
  • You cannot ask the same question twice unless you specified a timeframe and the first question has now elapsed. (This includes questions to psychics, Tarot/Oracle card readers, iChing, and other divination methods). 
  • If you do, you will receive vague or random results. 
  • Even though Yes or No type of questions produce the clearest answers, you will receive much more guidance and insights into the dynamics, influences, and potentials surrounding your question rather than guaranteeing a fixed outcome.
  • See examples of questions to ask below in “What Kind of questions can I ask”.
  • The more personally you are involved in the question, the better it works in horary. Horary is not a reliable technique for asking questions about 3rd party individuals or other people’s pets, world events, politics, celebrities or things you are curious about.  
  • The question must be burning, sincere, important, pressing, timely, in response to a specific development.  You must want to know the answer so badly that you just need an answer, whether it’s yes or no. Questions that come from the heart with a lot of “charge”, produce the most accurate horary charts. 
  • As soon as you have that feeling, email your question. Questions that are more about curiosity and don’t carry the charge of urgency may produce charts that are vague and you will likely not get a good result. 
  • For example: You have started the process of looking for a job, are creating your resume and are ready to make a change – not just wondering if you should do so out of curiosity.  Or you are ready to move, are starting to sort through your things- not just wondering if this is the year you should think about doing so.  
  • Even though the horary chart will lay down some potentials for the future; timing and future outcomes in life are not set in stone. You have free will to choose how you will act on the information you receive during your consultation.  
  • I encourage you to follow your intuition, trust your instincts, and discard anything that doesn’t resonate with you. The information I provide is meant to guide you, not rule your actions. You have the freedom to choose how to act upon it.
  • Be open to the messages from your chart- they will continue to make more sense after things come together.    
  • At times there are indications in the horary chart, called “Considerations before Judgment” that say the chart cannot be read or provide an answer.  
  • This could be that the situation you are asking about is in an early stage of development or premature to judge upon. Or that the situation is now coming to a conclusion and is too late to change. 
  • If this occurs, you have a choice to answer a different question about a different topic.  
  • The purpose of a Horary astrology consultation is to provide clarity, guidance, and understanding, whether it aligns with your desires or not, to help you make an informed decision.
  • I treat your session with intrigue, sensitivity and care to provide honest & insightful responses to your question. I would love to see each question come out just as you wish, but it is important to acknowledge the possibility of challenges, effort, or a different path unfolding. While a “no” answer may not be what you hoped for, it provides an opportunity for growth, reflection, and exploration of alternative possibilities.
  • It is only after I understand your question and cast the chart, that I will be able to see if the chart can be read (according to the “Considerations before Judgement” – see #10). Then I will let you know if I can judge the question. 

What kind of questions can I ask?

These are examples of the kinds of questions that horary can answer.

Topics such as:

  • Career guidance/ Job offers/ Business
  • Retirement
  • Pursuing your passions
  • Moving,  buying or selling a home
  • Travel
  • College/ Education
  • Relationships
  • Making a big purchase
  • Wellness Questions
  • (I’m not taking missing item and missing pet questions at this time.) 
Start Questions with:
  • Is it _____
  • Will taking ____
  • Will this (Position at this company) be beneficial/rewarding/successful for me to take? 

Avoid using the words “Should I…”, “When will”, “How” or “Why” when wording your question.  These types of questions aren’t meant for Horary.

Are there any questions I don’t take?

Important: There are certain questions not to ask around privacy of others & outcomes you cannot influence.
  • I don’t take questions about situations that are already in motion and can’t be changed. For example: predicting how you’ll do on a test or interview that you’ll receive the results for soon. Or trying to figure out the sex of your child, as that can be determined through medical tests.
  • I do not personally accept questions about the personal lives of others.  Horary questions are not meant to invade others’ privacy such as investigating potential wrongdoings, determining the fidelity of a friend’s partner, or asking questions about the personal & private lives of friends, colleagues, or neighbors. This includes asking questions about someone else’s activities, plans, their perception of you, etc.
    • You can ask:
    • I can take questions that directly involve you, your children, your partner and your pets. 
    • I can take questions such as “Will the relationship with my neighbor improve in the next 6 months (or time frame within a year).
  • I do not give legal or financial/investment advice, find missing people or take questions about crimes or when someone will die. It’s important to note that Horary astrology is not suitable for questions related to medical diagnoses or predicting lottery numbers.
    • Horary charts can offer insight on wellness topics.  See the Wellness Question examples here.  
  • Note: I’m not taking missing item and missing pet questions at this time.
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