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Horary Questions to Ask…

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To help you word your horary question.

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Examples of Good Questions to Ask

Start Questions With:

  • Is it _____
  • Will taking ____
  • Will this (Position at this company) be beneficial/rewarding/successful for me to take? 
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  • Will I get a raise or promotion within 1 year?
  • Will this (Position at this company) be beneficial/rewarding/successful for me to take?
  • Will my business be profitable?
  • Will my relationship with my ___ (boss, coworkers…) improve in the next 6 months?
  • Is this friendship or relationship right for me?
  • Is there a future in this relationship?
  • Is there a future for my relationship with this person?
  • Is this a healthy relationship to invest my energy in?
  • Will our relationship improve in the next year?
  • Is my current treatment plan working effectively?
  • Will the ___ treatment be helpful in my recovery from (illness, injury)?
  • Will changing my diet to ___ help alleviate my allergy symptoms?
  • Will my allergies improve if I _____?
  • Will ___ be a successful approach to managing my ____ in the 6 months (or year)?
  • Will ___ be a good modality or tool to help me in my ___ recovery?
  • Will I sell my home during this (specifically defined) period?
  • Is the house we are looking at in a safe and friendly neighborhood?
  • Is the apartment we’ve just looked at and want to rent good for us?
  • Will I be admitted to ___ university?
  • Will getting my Masters Degree at ___ (name of school), in (major), bring success or the education I need to advance in my career?
  • Is the car I’m looking at a reliable, safe & a good car to purchase?
  • Will I find a reliable and safe car that fits my needs and budget within the next 2 months?
  • Is it financially wise for me to make a car purchase or lease at this time?
  • Is fixing my car worth it to make it last 6 more months?

Questions to Avoid

While Horary is very good at answering specific questions like “Will I be successful in my design career?”, it is not very good at asking broader range questions such as “What kind of a career should I pursue? or Where should I move to?”

Avoid using the words “Should I…”, “When will”, “How”, “What should” or “Why” when wording your question.  These types of questions aren’t meant for Horary.  

Avoid questions that are out too far or the “ever” kind of questions.  Example:

  • Will I ever get married?  (Instead ask, Will I get married within the next year.)
  • Will I ever have a child? (Instead ask, Will I have a child this year)
  • Will I ever be successful? (Instead ask, Will I find success this year in my work as a ___)

Examples of “Should Questions” to Avoid:

Note: See above for examples of questions that are worded better for a horary question.
  • Should I get my masters degree?
  • Should I take this job?  Should I leave my job?  
  • When will I find work and where will it be?
  • What should I do with my life? (A birth chart astrology session is great to find out career direction, areas of talent, careers you may find fulfilling, etc.)
  • When should I launch my new ___ (idea, website, consulting practice, business)?  This is an electional astrology question, which I do not offer as a service.
  • When will I fall in love?
  • Should I leave my significant other? 
  • When will I meet my soul mate, what will he/she will look like? Where will I meet him/her?
  • Where should I move to?
    • A Natal chart consultation can be scheduled to do astrocartography to see areas of the US or World that are more supportive for you to live and thrive.  (Or areas that may be more challenging and are best to avoid.)
  • Where should I go to school? 
  • What should I go to school for?  (A Natal chart consultation can show your talents, gifts, career insights).
  • Why don’t I make a lot of money?
  • When will I make a lot of money?
  • How will this turn out?
  • Why doesn’t ___ want to talk to me? 
  • What is __________doing, thinking, planning? etc. What does ______ think of me and why? Why does _____ treat me badly? Why doesn’t ________ like me?
  • How many children will I have?

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Please email me if you need help formulating your question if you are having trouble doing so.

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