Birth Chart Consult


Birth Chart Astrology Consult, 1-1/2 hour consult.

Astrology Consultations to gain insight and a greater perspective about your life.

Colleáyn has a unique style of combining intuition, Astrology and Angelic wisdom to help you on your path.

Start here if you are a first time client or if you wish to rediscover & connect with your true self & personality so you can nurture & express yourself in your own, unique way.  

1-1/2 hours via Zoom

Your Personal Astrology Birth Chart Consult is the practice of gaining insight and perspective on many different areas of your life.  It is based on where the planets were at the exact moment of your birth so you can understand your path, gifts, and life themes better that are expressed through the course of your life.

In your birth chart consult, we can discuss your astrology chart and how it relates to areas of your life such as your home, family, wellness, finances, gifts and life direction.

  • A session with me is meant to help you receive valuable insights, inspiration, clarity and personalized guidance to help you on your path and to discover your strengths you came into this world with.
  • You’ll understand your Sun, Moon and Ascendant as well as important planets to you- such as Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.  Each has something special to offer you in your life.
  • Spirit is loving, wise, kind, uplifting and encouraging. The messages are compassionate and are very helpful and healing.
  • After your session you will have a greater understanding and perspective of your life and validation of who you are as a unique individual.

This consultation will help you if:

  • You need direction on your life path, career, gifts & talents of yours, spiritual topics, etc..
  • You want to understand yourself better.
  • You wish to gain peace, understanding & hope on your life journey.
  • You could use some practical advice on how to proceed

What is not included in my scope of practice: I do not give legal or financial/investment advice or find missing items, people or pets.

Let’s see what your Astrology Chart has to share!


  • Appointment is needed. I am typically booked 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • Email Colleáyn at colleayn at to see availability once payment has been made. This session will be via Zoom.
  • Fill out the Client Intake Form for this session.  I will need this filled out at least 4 days before your appointment to prepare your chart ahead of time.
  • Note:  If you have any special questions – either about topics in your life or placements in your chart that you would like covered in the session, please send the questions to me prior to the consult. I am unable to respond to any questions after the session itself.
  • Needed: 
    • Your Name
    • Date of Birth (Ex. June 10th, 1954)
    • Birth Location: City, State, Country
    • Exact time of birth include if AM or PM. The exact time of birth is required in order to create an accurate astrology chart.  It is extremely important when calculating and interpreting a natal chart, so this must be as close to exact as possible if you wish to receive an accurate reading. Preferably the time should be derived from your birth certificate. It may also be recorded in a baby book.
  • Payment can be sent via the website store, send a check in the mail or request a PayPal invoice for credit card payments before the session.

Follow up questions: If you have additional questions, “follow up” or “clarifying” requests in emails, you can purchase a follow up session and we will look at your birth chart.

** Note:** You must be over the age of 18 to receive a consultation from me unless a parent or guardian is present and with the child/teen during the entire consultation.

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