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Thank you for requesting to have a question answered
using this Ancient Astrological Technique.

Before payment, I will review your question to see whether I believe I can help or not, if your question needs to be reframed or if I need more information.  It is only after I understand your question and cast the chart, that I will be able to see if the chart can be read. Then I will let you know if I can judge the question. 

I look forward to working with you.

Horary Request Form

Each field needs to be filled out completely in order for this form
to be successfully submitted to Colleayn.
The reason I ask for occupation is in case I’m seeing different work, hobbies, education, etc. that would be good for you to explore.


Birth Information for Astrology Chart

Please include your birth location, exact time of birth and if you were born in the am or pm.
Please write out the month. For example: January 1, 1999 or March 2, 2011.
Exact birth time is required in order to create an accurate astrology chart.
Ex. Birth Certificate (Hospital Record, Birth Record), Parental Memory, Baby book, Rectification from another Astrologer…. Your Birth Certificate is the most accurate.


Urgent or time sensitive questions can often be accommodated for an added charge. I will let you know if I am available to do this for you.

Ask one question per consult

Avoid asking vague or overly broad questions that are difficult to interpret. If you have more than one question on your mind, ask the most important and pressing one first and then wait at least a day or more to schedule another session and to ask the next most important question.
Please write your question in a clear, concise and specific way.
Please share as much information as you can to describe the problem in general, your situation, how it has arisen, the people or events involved, etc. Astrology is a symbolic language, and information you can share about what has led up to this, and current conditions relating to your question is very helpful. The more information you provide here, the less likely it is that I will need to contact you for more information or details. Physical descriptions of people involved can be helpful as well, such as young, old; short, tall; muscular; thin; blonde-haired; pale-complexioned, old fashioned, direct, impatient, etc.
If your question is about moving or selling a house, please share information about the location, description of home/dwelling/business, etc. Real Estate listings are very helpful.
This allows you to ask the question again after the specified timeframe in the first question has now passed. It is best to keep the deadline within a year. Examples: “Will I be able to sell my house within 8 months?”


Do you give me permission to potentially use your question & chart as an example for the purposes of teaching or writing to help others gain a deeper understanding of Horary Astrology? Your personal information will be kept anonymous so that identifying details are given out. (Click here for more information).
Thank you.


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