Mandala for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep and Kidney Mandala pm with watermark
Mandala for a Good Night’s sleep and increased Kidney Energy
I love creating Mandalas.  They are so powerful for healing, meditation, and peacefulness.  This Mandala is made with the intention of helping one sleep.  On Monday, September 16th, 2013, the theme for the Wellness Group is Qigong for a good night’s sleep.  Blue is the color that helps strengthen the kidney meridian, which also helps one to sleep well.  Our kidney meridian is our “battery pack”, helping us with energy, endurance, and many health benefits.
In my healing practice, I work with so many individuals that can’t fall asleep or stay asleep.  We live such busy lives and in a fast paced world, that I love working with the kidney channels to help people feel energized all day.  Meditating with this Mandala helps one to sleep well and helps balance the kidney meridian for overall health and well being.
For more information on how to meditate with a Mandala, click here.
This Mandala is made with Watercolors, Twinkling H20’s, & Ink on watercolor paper.