Almond Muffins

Flower cupcake closeup 1
I have created a fun piece of art to bring everyone some brightness & to cheer up my kitchen.  This is part of the “When Artists Cook” Series.  I have had an interesting couple of months around my food intake causing me to be even more creative in the kitchen with limited ingredients. I found out that I have very high cholesterol, even if the only foods I am eating with lots of cholesterol are butter & eggs.  I am the last person I would think of who would need to be watchful for this elevation.  Since Thanksgiving I have cut out butter from my recipes.
Flower Cupcake full size
Last month I had a severe reaction to fructose that created a lot of havoc in my system.  Thank goodness the medical staff in the ER were able to get my reaction & severe stomach/ intestinal spasms under control.  This has left me only being able to eat chicken broth, white rice, and rice noodles for the past several weeks.  I’m slowly adding chicken, fish, potatoes, and this muffin… back into my diet.  One day soon I hope to find a way for my body to accept more foods.  If anyone has any suggestions for food intolerances & food allergies, please email me.  After an eventful start of the year, I am ready to play in the kitchen again.
Flower cupcake closeup 2
This piece of art is on Yupo paper, which is made of plastic.  I love color and whimsical themes and since Yupo paper has its own character, it is fun to see what emerges.  I used Twinkling H2O’s and ink on the surface.  The colors and shine pop.
Flower cupcake closeup 3

This is my version of a muffin loaded with joy.  I have had this image in my mind for years to paint, but it wasn’t until I started playing on Yupo that I knew this was the time to paint it.

I found this muffin on Dianne’s blog  & adapted it a titch since I am not able to have canola oil or lemon.  Thanks Dianne!  They are gluten free, fructose free friendly, dairy and soy free and easy to digest.  They stay nice and moist too.  The sauce is great for these muffins, waffles, tarts, and more.  I pretend it’s my jelly by thickening it a bit more.
Almond Muffins
2 cups almond flour
½ cup dextrose
2 tsp. baking powder
¼ tsp. salt
4 large eggs
¼ cup olive oil
2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • Preheat oven to 300° F.
  • Grease muffin pan with olive oil spray or other non-stick spray
  • Mix ingredients together.
  • Fill each muffin cup about 2/3 cup full with batter.
  • Bake 15-18 minutes, or until center of tops of muffins are set.
  • Makes 32 tiny muffins or 12 regular size muffins.
1/8 cup dextrose
1 ½ tsp. corn starch
Sprinkle of Celtic Sea Salt
¼ cup unsweetened rice milk
¾ tsp. vanilla
1/8 tsp. caramel unsweetened LorAnn Flavor Fountain
1/8 tsp. pomegranate unsweetened LorAnn Flavor Fountain
  • Mix dextrose, corn starch and salt together in a pan.  Add rice milk & vanilla and stir together.
  • Slowly bring mixture to a boil stirring constantly until thickened beautifully.
  • Cool slightly and add pomegranate and caramel flavoring.
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  1. That sauce sounds wonderful! I will have to try the Lorann oils sometime soon. I have heard of them before and will have to see about ordering some. I’m thinking a “blueberry” muffin sounds good! I love your painting. The colors make me so happy.

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