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“What Just Hit” Session

Thank you for choosing to have an Astrology Consultation with Colleáyn Klaibourne.
This Form is for a “What Just Hit” Astrology Consult with Colleayn

This Astrology Consult is for Returning Astrology Clients Only who have had their Astrology Birth Chart
or Year Ahead Astrology Chart Consult previously with Colleáyn.

If you haven’t had an Astrology Session with Colleayn before,
please visit the Astrology Consultation sessions page.

* Each family member needs to fill out a separate intake form.
Information to send to Colleáyn at least 4 Days before your session: 

I look forward to working with you.

“What Just Hit” Client Intake Form

Each field needs to be filled out completely in order for this form
to be successfully submitted to Colleayn.
The reason I ask for occupation is in case I'm seeing different work, hobbies, education, etc. that would be good for you to explore.


Questions for your Session

This will help give me an idea of your topics of interest and questions before your session. We will see how many we can answer based upon the session length you chose. (You are free to change the questions during session. )
Ex. Accident, Near Death Experience, bad news, health challenges, relationship challenges, significant event or news, etc.
Example: Date of an accident or car accident. Dates of significant events or news. Date of receiving bad news. Date of when someone asked for divorce and when the divorce happened.
If this is a recent or current situation, we can look at how long the transit is happening, when things might shift and how to navigate through this time in your life.


Thank you.


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