Flower Faeries

Happy New Year!
Flower Faery with watermark pm
I have been having fun drawing and painting some Flower Faeries.  These are all created in an altered book using gesso, serviettes (napkins), acrylic paints, Distress stains, colored pencils and ink.  It is so fun playing with serviettes as the background.  They create a fun theme of their own.  Everywhere I go I’m on the lookout for a great napkin- not for dinner time, but for another piece of art.
These are faeries from my garden, although they are inside now since it is so cold out.  They love to be by all the beautiful flowers, colors, bugs and nature’s gifts.
These paintings are bright, colorful and happy to remind me of the warm summer days ahead.
This faery is overlooking one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes after a winter storm.  She is watching some skaters far off into the distance.
For those of you who are experiencing cold winter weather, bring some color and a faery into your life.  It will make your days feel brighter.  Those in warm climates- enjoy all the magic outside in your gardens and with your plants!

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  1. I love your fairie drawings — I will adopt some fun & sun colored ones to bring warmth to my life. Thank you.

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